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A Spanish Thanksgiving

Updated: Feb 23

Rome, Italy | Barcelona, Spain

The Saich's Travel to Europe!

A week full of family time...

The entire family decided to join me in Rome for the week of Thanksgiving. I can confidently say this was one of my favorite weeks during my time abroad. This was the longest time I have been apart from my family, so I was ecstatic to see them. I fully embraced the tourist lifestyle for a few days and saw all the big landmarks Rome is known for like the Colosseum and the Vatican. We ate amazing food, of course, and certainly got our steps in walking through Rome. We then headed to Barcelona, Spain for the second half of the week. Here is a recap of our travels!

Best of Rome

Borghese Gallery


Roman Forum


Food Tour in Trastevere

Cooking Class

Roman Food Tour

In the beginning of the week we went on my favorite tour, the food tour. The tour highlighted the traditional Roman dishes, leaving us all in a food coma! We started in the Jewish Ghetto where we ate a traditional fried artichoke appetizer, then moved onto one of the most famous bakeries where we tried some street food. We tasted a few different flavors of pizza and of course, supplì. Supplì is a traditional Roman snack that consists of rice and tomato sauce wrapped around a mozzarella ball then dipped and fried in breadcrumbs. It is as delicious as it sounds; something I am going to have to learn to make because I will miss it too much when I return to California.

We then moved onto the best cannoli’s in Rome in a small Sicilian Cannoleria. Following that, we crossed the Tiber River into Trastevere where we finished off with 3 different Roman pasta dishes and gelato. We were served amatriciana, cacio e pepe, and lasagna. My personal favorite Roman pasta is carbonara, which is pasta with bacon, covered in a cheesy egg sauce.

The next day we did a cooking class where we learned how to make home-made pizza and pasta. I look forward to bringing my new skills home with me!

A Spanish Thanksgiving?

Barcelona, Spain | Nov. 28 - Dec. 1

After eating our way through Rome we decided to move to a new city, Barcelona. We flew into Barcelona on Thanksgiving, putting a little Spanish twist on our Thanksgiving festivities. A few highlights from our time in Barcelona were our bike tour through the city, the endless, amazing tapas we tried every night, and of course, the churros!

We visited the remarkable Sagrada Familia Church, as you can see on the right. The church, designed by the famous Gaudi in 1882, still is not finished. His plan was for the church to take 200 years to build. It is truly amazing inside. The style is so unique from any other church I have been to, and trust me, studying in Rome I see a lot of churches.

Park Güell

Barcelona, Spain

More Food!

Tapas, Churros, Sangria

The three essentials to a successful food experience in Barcelona.

Yes, this entire page is about the food in Barcelona. It was probably my favorite food out of all the countries I visited. Don’t get me wrong, every place is drastically different from each other and has amazing food, but Barcelona has churros…

Whoever knows me, knows my all-time favorite food is a churro. I was a very happy camper eating fresh churros dipped in chocolate every day in Barcelona

Also shoutout to Juan, the man posing with my mom in the lower left corner. He is featured in the Rick Steve's Barcelona Tour, so when my mom spotted him in La Boqueria, she acted as if she spotted a celebrity.

Thanks for Reading!

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