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Pure Bliss in Switzerland

Updated: Feb 23

Zurich | Luzern

Switzerland in the Fall

Nov. 8 - 10

Switzerland is without a doubt the most beautiful place I have ever been to. So unique and different from all the other places I traveled to. It felt as if I traveled back in time to another century with the cottage style houses and cobblestone streets surrounded by lakes and mountains. A beautiful church around every corner with so much history felt so different from California. I spent time in both Luzern and Zürich, both feeling peaceful and serine.

All Smiles In Switzerland!

Beautiful Views and Good Company

During our day trip to Luzern I experienced views in every direction I turned my head. The town is completely surrounded by the Swiss Alps, which made it so tempting to just hop onto a cable car that would bring me to the top of the mountains. Instead I climbed up on top of a hill in Luzern that overlooked the entire village, which was magical. Looking at the lake back up into the snowy mountains with quaint, decorated streets for the holidays was surreal.

We indulged in some cheese fondue and traditional Swiss chocolates, of course! If I am being completely honest, the chocolates were so delicious I had to buy even more in the airport before boarding my flight back to Rome… and they were gone by the time I landed. 

Because I was only there for a few days, I am looking forward to my return where I will spend my time in the mountains skiing and enjoying the snow. Adding it to the bucket list!

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