Gina Connects

February 2020 - May 2020

In Spring 2020, my Digital Marketing class was assigned a semester-long group project where we created and ran a digital marketing campaign for a company. My team was lucky enough to work with Gina at Gina Connects, which is a one-woman career coaching and professional speaking business. Gina focuses on helping professionals through job-loss or career change. She speaks on her knowledge in the career coaching industry to professional organizations. 

My team met with Gina weekly throughout the entire semester, strategically planning and implementing a digital marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and build her professional online presence, as it was mostly personal prior to working with us. We developed four goals for the campaign:

  1. Follow people on Instagram and Facebook in Gina’s field or those who are likeminded. 

  2. Create relevant and sustainable content for Gina.

  3. Teach Gina how to use various social media channels.

  4. Try using Instagram promotions and track progress.


We implemented a plan to reach all four goals over the course of three months. The four content categories we centered her posts around were career advice videos, video recaps highlighting the main takeaway from the videos, a Feel Good Friday post of either a meaningful quote or career tip by Gina, and Instagram stories that would contribute to highlight reels on her profile. We planned each week to have a theme for her to focus her posts around, which included cover letters, resume building, interview tips, coping with job loss, and give yourself grace. 
























The post we promoted and our results.

Our results are shown below. Toward the end of the project, we experimented with promoting Gina’s posts to see if we could boost her engagement and increase brand awareness. We set a promotion for seven days with a target audience of 20- to 55-year-old females and males within a 20-mile radius of her location in Wisconsin. Our results indicated a 3,500% increase in impressions and 236% increase in engagement. This trial run helped us come to the conclusion that paid promotions can be a beneficial avenue to digitally grow Gina’s business.

Our biggest challenge throughout the campaign was working with little budget. Gina was hesitant to spend money before she fully understood the benefits paid digital advertising could do for her. My group had to find a solution to grow her online presence organically, which is why we searched for like-minded individuals and professionals in the same field as Gina to follow. Through those people, we followed some of their followers who engaged on pages similar to Gina's.


In addition to that strategy, we utilized the use of hashtags such as #career, #ginaconnects, #careeradvice, etc. We felt this would increase awareness to Gina's page.

As the semester came to a close and we began wrapping up the campaign, Gina provided feedback for us. She voiced her understanding of digital media grew immensely. She now recognizes the importance of visual branding, organized weekly content plans, and paid promotion to grow a brand's digital presence.